Welcome to the External Complaints Committee

The External Complaints Committee is an independent committee that can be called in by employees in the event of a complaint about undesirable behaviour, integrity, and social framework. The members of the External Complaints Committee have extensive experience as confidential counselors and complaints handlers. The size and composition of the committee is determined together with the client and partly depends on the complexity of the complaint.

According to the Working Conditions Act, the employer is obliged, within the framework of working conditions, to pursue a policy aimed at prevention and, if that is not possible, limitation of psychosocial workload (sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying and work pressure in the work situation that causes stress).

The employer often has a complaints procedure that makes it clear for the complainant how to act, where he can submit a complaint and how the procedure works.
The organizations can have a confidential advisor to whom the employee can go for information, to lend a listening ear and to find a way together in handling the complaint.

Organizations may also have a complaints committee that investigates the complaint.

We are The External Complaints Committee, impartial, independent and expert in the field of complaints handling:

  1. conducting research and conducting interviews (hearing both sides);
  2. laws and regulations with regard to the content of the conflict;
  3. ways in which people influence each other (in groups) and conflict escalation;
  4. right of complaint, complaint procedures and reporting requirements;
  5. latest relevant case law on the conflict substance.

A careful investigation and a careful complaint handling is not only in the interest of the protection of the reporter. The person to whom the complaint relates also has a great interest in ensuring that the procedure is carried out carefully.

We can also advise employers on drawing up complaints regulations.

See also EKC Procedure.